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Adina is gifted to be able to hear the sounds and songs of Heaven. Completely new, these songs will help refresh and revive you.

"Engaging with the Sounds of Heaven"


Adina flows in the gift of receiving music and the outcome of this music that one can expect is that it is serene yet motivating. When entered into from a spiritual dynamic or for physical pleasure, the result is the same to the human body.

This music will bring your stress level down, it will increase alignment to misaligned body parts. It will assist in changing your negative thoughts to positive especially in the area of rejection or perceived rejection. It will ease your workday, help steady your ability to accomplish tasks and sweeten your disposition.

Play it in:

  • Nurseries

  • Nursing Homes

  • Hospital Lobbies

  • Wherever children are

  • Rooms where family gatherings will take place

  • Conference rooms as prelude music

  • Office Lobbies
  • Office work areas

  • Dining areas

  • Weddings or funerals

Play this music softly as background music in any of these venues and sense the atmosphere change to a peaceful, serene setting.



Flower 7.gif

Engaging Heaven 1

Adina Horner

Recorded in Arlington, TX, to bring peace and refreshing.



Flower 3.gif

Engaging Heaven 4

Adina Horner

Recorded in Maiden, NC, with melodies to heal your soul.



Flower 2.gif

Engaging Heaven 2

Adina Horner

Recorded in Albemarle, NC, let the melodies revive and refresh you.



Flower 5.gif


Adina Horner

Recorded in Albemarle, NC, to capture the Father's heart.



Flower 4.gif

Engaging Heaven 3

Adina Horner

Recorded in Charlotte, NC, with melodies to release healing.





Adina has been playing piano since a young girl when her parents sacrificed to provide lessons. Growing up playing piano in church, her gifting has progressed tremendously.

This music will sooth the atmosphere and soothe your soul as it ministers to your spirit. Let it change your atmosphere.



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